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Five Flower Lake

Jiuzhaigou valley has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. Jiuzhaigou Valley is rich in stunning natural beauty. That’s why millions of tourists flock to this place every year. Some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls in China located in this place. One of the most fascinating is the “Wuhua Hai” which means five flower lake.

The Five Flower Lake (Wu Hua Hai) is regarded as one of the wonders of Jiuzhai Valley due to its breathtaking colours which are a result of its lake-bottom travertine and colourful algae. Mirror Lake, Peacock River, Five-Flower Lake and Virgin Forest are the main sights of Rize Valley. Wuhua Hai  is often called the “Five-Flower Lake”, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. When viewed from above, the lake water was colored blue and green. Sometimes the color changed to emerald green or yellow if the high mineral content in it.The colours are formed by unevenly distributed submerged plants. Five Flower Lake’s autumn reflections are a spectacular display of nature. The intense colour combinations of the trees reflected on the waters surface are one reason why Jiuzhai Valley is often referred to as a photographer’s heaven and a painter’s nightmare!

  Five Flower Lake      Five Flower Lake

                               Five Flower Lake                                                                     Five Flower Lake

The pride of Jiuzhai Valley, Five Flower Lake lies at the end of the upper reach of Peacock River, 2,472 meters (about 8,110 feet) above the sea level and five meters (about 16 feet) in depth. Most of the colorful leaves are gathered in the lakefront and interlaced as brocades. The water that contains calcium carbonate as well as hydrophytes with different colors presents a versicolor sight, azure blue, blackish green and light yellow, etc, so it is named Five-Flower Lake. The local people say that it is a holy lake, and where there is the water, there must be flourishing flowers and trees. When looking down from the mountain, you will find that the lake with hills on three sides is just like a huge upended cucurbit pouring colorful water to the lower place.

Five Flower Lake

The locals residing in surrounding villages believe that the valley was once a lake is the abode of the fairies. That’s because the water in the lake does not freeze in the winter, despite freezing conditions surrounding nature. After investigation, it turns out it is because the temperature of the lake water is always warm. At the bottom of the lake is found a natural water channel connected with the “lake Chang”. The water of “Lake Chang” flows into “Wuhua Hai” through the tunnel that is rich in limestone. This lime which causes water to be hot.

Jiuzhaigou National Park